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Debt Syndication

Debt Syndication is an innovative timely financing technique that has been used in many high-profile corporate projects. Increasingly, project financing is emerging as the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide. HRK CORPADVICE holds considerable expertise and is a reliable name in Project Consultancy services. Advice is given to clients during the project conception stage followed by preparation of the project report with optimal financial structuring. Debt Syndication effectively bridges the gap between major fund seeking industries and Financial Institutes of India. Project advisory constitutes:

•    Recommending new business proposals to clients.
•    Studying the commercial viability of business plans & advice on the required changes.
•    Consolidating the individual business unit and make a better viable business model.
•    Appraising the project critically & preparing detailed project report.

Also, huge range of publications, project reports and profiles on various industrial and profitable projects with complete details of pre-feasibility, market survey, capital requirement, rate of return and break- even point are offered by the firm.

Some of the financial facilities as per the requirements of different clients:-

•    Letter of Credit facility
•    Bank guarantee Facility
•    Buyers Credit Facility
•    Venture Capital Funding
•    Infrastructure Project Funding
•    ECB Loan Finance

IPO/PE Advisory

When a company lists its securities on a public exchange, the money paid by investors for the newly issued shares goes directly to the company (in contrast to a later trade of shares on the exchange, where the money passes between investors). An IPO, therefore, allows a company to tap a wide pool of investors to provide itself with capital for future growth, repayment of debt or working capital.

There are several benefits to being a public company, namely

•    Bolstering and diversifying equity base
•    Enabling cheaper access to capital
•    Exposure, prestige and public image
•    Facilitating acquisitions
•    Increased liquidity for equity holder
•    ECB Loan Finance

Private equity, in finance, is an asset class consisting of equity securities in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange.

Private equity refers to a type of investment aimed at gaining significant, or even complete, control of a company in the hopes of earning a high return. As the name implies, private equity funds invest in assets that either are not owned publicly or that are publicly owned but the private equity buyer plans to take private. Though the money used to fund these investments comes from private markets, private equity firms invest in both privately and publicly held companies. The private equity industry has evolved substantially over the past decade or so. Among the most common investment strategies in private equity are: leveraged buyouts, venture capital, growth capital, distressed investments and mezzanine capital. In a typical leveraged buyout transaction, a private equity firm buys majority control of an existing or mature firm. This is distinct from a venture capital or growth capital investment, in which the investors (typically venture capital firms or angel investors) invest in young or emerging companies, and rarely obtain majority control.

Financial & Management Consultancy

In any type of business, it is very difficult to estimate the need of finance & how to manage the same. A well-experienced advisor with specialized Financial & Management advisory services is essential to aid. HRK Advisors provides a wide variety of highly specialized Financial & Management advisory services and financial products with great foresight and personal attention to every detail. It believes, that entrepreneurs can be created with proper Financial & Management advisory which can be developed with the services such as:

  • Studying the financial requirements of the clients & arranging for the required financial assistance.
  • Provide an enhanced model for debt equity syndication.
  • To prepare MIS reports, Management audit report and forecasts on basis of past performances for special projects/areas as required by the management.
  • To advice policy changes to the management for wealth creation and profit maximization.
  • Advice to all types of companies-newly formed, growing, well established, and stagnant or companies with downward trends.
  • Offer services to the clients for the technological up gradation by implementing ERP or Enterprise Solution. Consultancy in relation to ISO Certifications

It aims to help its clients to maximize the value of their investment by finding the best possible product for their individual requirements. It ensures strict confidentiality of all client information and data at all times.